When a car manufacturer develops a new model they have to consider all of the conditions it may encounter in all of the regions in which it will be sold across the world. This means rather than just optimising the ECU’s program or ‘map’ to deliver optimum fuel efficiency and the best performance possible they have to make compromises to the ECU mapping to take into account these various different operating conditions. These may include but not limited to sub-standard fuels, extreme high or low temperatures or altitude, differing emission laws depending on country and even the possibility that the vehicle may not be serviced on a regular basis or in accordance with the manufacturers recommended servicing schedule.

ECU remapping is taking a download from the ECU’s brain which shows us the vehicles standard tuned map. We then adjust different parameters within the map creating a unique remap, such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control as well as various other's depending on the ECU which releases the true potential performance that each engine has. It is a completely safe process as it is just gives the engine the performance it has always had the potential to have before all the compromises were applied to the original programming. Every engine has its own unique map and by adjusting this we can fine tune the parameters of the engine which allows the true capabilities of the engines performance and/or economy to be achieved depending on your specific requirement.


ECU remapping will not only improve the engines power and torque figures; it will also sharpen the throttle response and widen the power-band. This will make the power delivery a lot more linear, which in turn will make the vehicle feel more responsive when driving and the engine more flexible. It’s almost always the case that the vehicle’s power output and fuel consumption has been restricted or compromised by the manufacturer at design for the sole purpose of it fitting into a class depending on the continent it will be sold. As a driving enthusiast or fleet vehicle owner, you do not need or want these restrictions placed upon your vehicle’s ECU. With an ECU remap from us you can benefit from the hidden power and torque locked away within your engine management system.

The other main benefit of remapping will be increased fuel economy. With the extra torque achievable at the bottom end of the rev range you will see an increased fuel saving due to requiring less throttle applied to maintain motorway speeds as you can drive in a higher gear at a slower speed. The additional power is especially useful when fully laden, for towing or on steep gradients.

Blue ECU Remap - Hybrid & Power/Eco

The most popular remap choice which gives the best mix of power and economy in virtually all turbo diesel engines. Designed to de-restrict and optimise the engine by opening up the true torque and power range. Blue offers a better every day driving experience while returning an improved fuel consumption figure. Parameters within the remap are carefully managed to optimise best burn times and achieve optimum running performance. Kelpie Campers carry out a blue remap on the majority of the vans we sell as an optional upgrade taken by the customer.

Green ECU Remap - Good Power & Maximum Economy

Specifically focussed on returning an improved fuel economy on turbo diesel engines. By specifically adjusting the calibration of torque limits on the engine at lower RPM you will benefit from additional performance and improved economy. At higher RPM the software will encourage shifting up through the gearbox, to keep the engine running in its optimal performance window. Green is a very popular choice with large fleet owners or people who use their car or van for business where the extra mpg improvement counts on operating costs.

Kelpie Campers carry out a green remap on each of our VW transporter rental vans where we benefit from the increased economy.

Red ECU Remap - High Power & Ultimate Performance


Designed to fully unleash the full potential of your enginefor the driving enthusiast. Red can be installed on both petrol and diesel vehicles. Ideally used in situations where extra power and torque is required – heavy load running, looking for optimised acceleration, experiencing a wider torque window, or simply to enjoy your vehicle.



Kelpie Campers offer an in-house ECU remapping service where you can wait in our sales office with a tea or coffee whilst we carry out the remap which typically takes around 90 minutes.  On request we can offer a mobile service where we can carry out the ECU remap at your work place or home, although there will be a call out charge depending on where you are based.

Prior to carrying out an ECU remap we perform full comprehensive testing of the vehicles diagnostics. We ensure everything is in full working order before progressing with the ECU remap and will look for any potential issues that may compromise performance. We are confident with each custom remap carried out and in the extremely unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the service we offer a 30 day full money back guarantee.

Please get in touch for more information and to discuss ECU remap booking availability.


Cost: £210 + VAT

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