3 ways camper vans guarantee a blissful family holiday

You really can make memories that will last a lifetime during a family holiday. This is as good a reason as any to make sure that your next getaway is truly blissful. How can you guarantee this? It all starts with hiring a camper van as opposed to staying in a hotel or tent. With this in mind, let’s look at three reasons this is the best way to ensure you and your children enjoy a harmonious family holiday.

1. Togetherness

By staying in a camper van, you’ll really be able to maximise your time together. Aside from the exciting journeys you’ll enjoy on the open road by day, it will make for a fun slumber party when you all hit the hay together at bedtime. The vehicles are the perfect setup to allow for four people to sleep comfortably, while also offering the chance to share a few light-hearted conversations in the evenings.

2. Fuss-free

Camper vans don't involve the typical things that frustrate people while on a getaway, such as pitching a tent in bad weather, unloading your vehicle, or having to wait to check in or rise early to check out of a hotel. The fuss-free element of camper vans helps ensure every family member stays in a good mood and enjoys each other’s company every day of the holiday.

3. Compromise

Everyone’s a winner when it comes to camper vans. Due to the fact that your accommodation is on wheels, you can move seamlessly from location to location, meaning every member of the family can get to see a different place on the trip. Nobody has to compromise on what they do and don’t see because a camper van gives a greater sense of freedom – ultimately making them a fantastic way to get around remote areas such as those in Scotland.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

You will only look back with regret if you miss the opportunity to hire a camper van for your next family holiday – so what are you waiting for? Kelpie Campers provide the best VW camper van hire Scotland has to offer, so get in touch to secure one for you and your family.


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