5 things you should always pack for a VW camper van holiday

You've found a VW camper van hire Scotland based, and you're going to travel around the country with your family, spending every day in a different place and exploring the little known and most beautiful corners of it; what could be more ideal? Yet if you're planning on avoiding the tourist traps in favor of more remote locations, making sure you have everything you need is more vital than ever. While you'll have all of the obvious things like swimwear and snacks, certain items are really easy to forget but would create real problems if left behind on a camper van holiday. Here are a few essentials that you should always pack. 1. Sun cream It sounds obvious but whether you're hiking, swimming or just sitting in a camping chair with a beer and soaking up rays, you just can't do without the factor 50. 2. Jumpers Even at the height of summer, temperatures can plummet once the sun sets, so you need to think about what you're going to wear in the evening and during the night. Whether you're planning on kipping in your comfortable VW camper van or in a sleeping bag under the stars, make sure to pack enough long-sleeved tops, jumpers and blankets, just in case. 3. Matches There's nothing worse than finding the perfect spot to settle in for the night and setting up your travel cooker, belly rumbling, only to discover you've no matches to light it with. Rather than driving miles to find a corner shop, make sure to pack them before hitting the road. 4. First-aid kit Although nothing drastic is likely to happen on your camper van holiday, you still need to be prepared should you or a member of your family suffer an injury with no hospital nearby. You also need somewhere to keep plasters, headache tablets and other treatments for minor ailments. 5. Rainy day entertainment You can never be certain of a scorching sun in Scotland, so make sure you have at least one board game packed for bad weather. Imagine gathering together, all cosy in your camper van with cups of coffee as you play a family game of Monopoly – when was the last time you did that?

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