5 top tips for a perfect VW camper van holiday

Your amazing VW camper van holiday in Scotland is almost here. You’re excited to get on the road! Before embarking on the road trip of a lifetime across the stunning Scottish scenery, here are 5 tips to make sure your holiday is memorable with VW camper van hire Scotland based.

1. Pack wisely

Remember, you’re travelling in a camper van, not a wardrobe on wheels. Think carefully about what clothes you want to take. Much as we at Kelpie Campers love our country, we would be the first to advise our weather is unpredictable. This doesn’t mean bringing clothes for every season. It means packing clever. Layers and colours are important. Blue jeans and shorts can be matched to most colours of T shirts, sweatshirts and jumpers. Layers allow you to be warm...and cool.

2. Plan where you park

Of course, VW camper vanning is all about freedom and spontaneity. However, spontaneous fun often works better with a little forward planning. Make sure where you want to stop overnight has somewhere to park up. You’ll need water, so pack big bottles or find places where drinking water is available. Make sure there’s a flat parking space too. Rolling around all night isn’t as exciting as it sounds if you can’t stop!

3. Control the light

Always remember to turn off the engine and lights before you sleep. No one wants to wake to a flat battery in the remote Scottish countryside! Always carry a flashlight for that late night call of nature. Citronella candles used for your outdoor picnics are great. They illuminate your picnic and ward off biting insects: a win win!

4. No need to rough it!

For the times you want to stay off the grid, you don’t need to return to civilisation looking like Grizzly Adams. Pack wet wipes, dry shampoo and some roll on and have everyone admire your natural glowing beauty. Likewise, flip flops are great for the beach but bring sturdy footwear to take advantage of the beautiful terrain.

5. In the best company

You’re about to spend 24/7 with your family, friends or partner. At Kelpie Campers, we provide the highest quality camper vans but you must remember to bring some entertainment such as a pack of cards or a board game. Social media might just have to cope with your absence for a few days. Download your favourite road trip playlist. Parked away from civilisation, you can truly dance like no one is watching!


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