How easy is it to drive and park a VW camper van?

There's something incredibly exciting and even romantic about taking off on holiday in an iconic VW camper van. However, for some people, the reality of driving a different vehicle from their own is daunting! These doubts may originate from considering whether VW camper van hire in Scotland will leave you wrestling with winding roads or struggling to manoeuvre into parking spaces and site pitches. Reversing your own car can be an issue, but how do you manoeuvre someone else’s beautiful camper van without undue stress?

All modern driving needs

First of all, be rest assured that the modern version of a VW camper van is very well adapted to modern roads, driving conditions and campsites. (Though, of course, if you choose to go wild camping in your hire vehicle, that’s your business!)

The camper van is in-built with plenty of help to secure a good line of vision when pulling out and parking, such as strategically placed large mirrors. If in doubt, try a few common manoeuvres in a car park before you set off, such as reversing, and gauging stopping and turning distances.

Who can drive a camper van?

If you're capable of safely travelling around in your own vehicle, an up-to-date and well maintained VW camper van presents no particular problems. It may be packed with amazing features, but the actual external sizing is highly manoeuvrable.

Legally, anyone can drive one of these lovely holiday hire vehicles as long as their age and licence are appropriate (check this against the size of motorhome or camper van you want to drive).

Easy of use when you’re on site

Don’t think for one minute that driving the best VW camper van hire vehicles leaves you 'balancing' its contents either. Nor is it an exercise in logic and manual-reading to get your van fully functional for an overnight stop!

Once on-site, your VW camper van conversion comes into its own. There's a place for everything, and everything has its place. Items remain secure in transit and you can then use your kitchen equipment, bed and storage within minutes, with no head-scratching required!

Help before you set off

Just to be sure that users can travel around, park and live in camper vans with ease, the team at Falkirk-based Kelpie Campers always takes the time and trouble to talk you through everything.

No-one sets off in one of our VW camper vans until concerns and questions have been dealt with, and you’re ready to start your adventure on the open road!


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