How to prepare for a Scottish winter adventure

You might think that going camping in a Scottish winter is the first sign of madness - but when you're snug and warm in a VW camper van, with the expanse of the Highlands stretching out in front of you, you'll understand the appeal. A road trip through Scotland in winter makes for an unforgettable holiday, but make sure you're well-prepared before you set off.

1) Decide where you're going to stay

To avoid disappointment, look up campsites in advance, as many of them close over the winter months. However, some remain open. If you'd rather go off the beaten track, wild camping provides a serious sense of adventure. Scotland has unique laws governing wild camping, making it more accessible than elsewhere in the UK - as long as you leave no trace behind. In fact, winter is the only time of year when you can go wild camping on the famous shore of Loch Lomond, which is restricted from March to October.

2) Pack warm

As you probably know, Scotland isn't famous for mild winters! VW camper vans do have internal heating, which runs off the diesel supply. However, it's better to be safe than sorry. Get snug sleeping bags for the whole group, and bring plenty of warm clothes. Layers are always the best choice, as you'll find that temperatures can change dramatically between day and night. Thermal long johns may not be sexy, but they can be a real lifesaver.

3) Keep your shoes in the van

If you're hiking through nature by day, you might be used to leaving your dirty boots just outside the van door overnight. But this can be a terrible idea in winter, as you might wake up to find your footwear frozen solid! Store them inside, just to be safe.

4) Plan your route carefully for the best views

It gets dark early in winter in Scotland - and you don't want to be driving around after nightfall. Not only is it dangerous on unfamiliar roads, but it also means you'll miss out on the best scenery. Plan your route so you'll be driving around during the hours of sunlight, and parking when it gets dark.

If you're considering VW camper van hire in Scotland, get in touch with us at Kelpie Campers today.

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