Scotland: myths and mystery

Myths and mysteries have fascinated people since the beginning of time, and Scotland has them in abundance. Kelpie Campers is the place to go to for VW camper van hire Scotland, with a wide range of campers that perfect for exploring Scotland. Here are three mythical attractions to visit in Scotland.

Devil's Pulpit

The title 'Devil's Pulpit' originally applied to the mushroom-shaped rock that is sometimes visible from above the stream. There are many myths that go with it, for example, some say that Druids held meetings there or that it was used as an execution block by witches. Over time, the whole of Finnich Gorge was named the 'Devil's Pulpit' and it's an apt name as the red water certainly gives the place an eerie feel to it. However, the real reason for the red water is much more simple - red sandstone which makes up the riverbed. When you arrive you don't need to worry about parking as there's a parking area nearby for your camper van.

Dunino Den

Many believe Dunino Den to be linked to fairies and the surrounding area definitely contributes to that supernatural feeling. Located behind the church, lies a pre-Christian holy site, which consists of an 'altar-stone', an ancient footprint in rock and a well. The well is said to have been used for human sacrifice by druids, although it's more likely to have been honoured as a natural wonder. There are stairs carved into the cliff face leading down into the den, where you can see Celtic symbols and crosses engraved into the stone by worshippers of ages past. There are a few places to park in the village but it's best to get there early so you can be sure of a space.

Blantyre Carvings

Found on the rock face behind the remains of a priory are carved figures created by Tommy Hawkins in the '50s and '60s, originally believed to have been created thousands of years ago. Included in the carvings are Mary Magdelene and Jesus carrying the cross. You will be able to park your camper in the town of Blantyre.

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