Surfing and VW Campers: Your dream holiday combo!

The VW camper van and the UK surf scene are inextricably and romantically linked in the minds of many. Nobody in the surfing world can avoid those beautiful images of the iconic VW camper van parked on a cliff, overlooking the majestic ocean.

VW camper van hire Scotland

If you're planning your next UK surf holiday, forget Newquay and think about all the benefits of VW camper van hire in Scotland instead. Hiring a camper van offers so much more flexibility and freedom than, booking into a hotel or renting accommodation. And, what's more, you'll find wild camping is legal throughout Scotland, unlike the rest of mainland Britain!

Surf spots of Scotland

Of course, the most important aspect to any holiday of this nature is the surf. So, here's a quick round-up of some of the most popular Scottish surf destinations to help you plan your camper van jaunt in full!

Belhaven Bay and Surf School

Whether you're an old hand or new to the sport, Belhaven could be your ideal starting point for a Scottish surf holiday. The Bay is located from just north of the Tyne and stretches right up to John Muir Country Park. The Belhaven Surf Centre is a modern operation (only completed in 2019) and offers lessons and equipment hire from its purpose-built unit. Experienced surf coaches offer daily advice on conditions, so you'll always be aware of any potential weather or tidal hazards in the Belhaven area. Located within easy reach of Edinburgh, this surf centre has lots to offer any sports enthusiast, and the coastline views are to die for.... The surf school is located on the beach, close by the Belhaven campsite. Win-win!

Mull of Kintyre

The entire Mull of Kintyre coastline provides excellent surfing for novices and experts alike, due to long sandy beaches, and a fantastic tidal swell swishing in from the Isle of Islay. Not too far from Glasgow, and within easy reach of the Isle of Arran, the narrow Mull of Kintyre peninsular also offers amazing views across to Ireland. The lack of reefs and rock formations means surfers have lots of time to focus on the speedy tides and enjoy their sporting prowess to the full. You'll discover plenty of local surf enthusiasts in the Mull of Kintyre area and lots of outstanding scenery and local hotspots to explore. One of the beauties of travelling in a VW camper is that you can simply start up and go, from any local campsite. Larger mobile home type vans aren't quite so easy to negotiate around the narrow lanes, hills, and mountains of scenic Scotland.

Surf schools are opening all around Scotland, and if you'd like to talk with one of the Kelpie Camper experts, feel free to give us a quick call. We'll happily advise you on surf and camp holidays in Scotland and our VW camper vans offer you all the comforts needed during your holiday; at any time of year!

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