The North Coast 500 in a VW camper van

Many people do The North Coast 500 ( in a car and swear that if they do it again, it would be in a VW camper van.

One of the most striking aspects of travelling around the North coast of Scotland is the sheer beauty. There are beaches with the softest, whitest sand imaginable, not dissimilar to Seychelles! There are cascading waterfalls, majestic stags, jaw-droppingly beautiful sunsets and stunning lochs.

A lot of travellers touring in Scotland stay in AirBnbs but how much more convenient would it be to travel with a VW camper van from Kelpie Campers!

Travelling in a VW camper van means you are closer to everything. You eat, sleep, travel and live in the one place so without a doubt, you are closer to nature. Find a great beach and just pull over, sit back with a coffee and just breathe in the beautiful surroundings. It’s like sleeping under the stars but with all mod cons. Your average modern VW camper van, has a pop-top roof, plenty of storage cupboards (although packing light is still a good idea!) and all manner of gadgets and gizmos.

You’ll also find you spend less if you’re in a camper van. You don’t have to ‘eat out’ all the time and that is what can really hike up the costs on any holiday.

When you’re driving the North Coast 500, it’s important to remember that this is Scotland you’re in. The thing is, one minute the sun can be shining in a nice sheltered cove but twenty minutes later you could be at the top of a hill, ensconced in a damp fog.

Doing The NC 500 it's not unusual to experience pouring rain, sunshine, hail, fog and high winds all within 24 hours. In other words, take a fleece and wet weather gear with you.

Once you've done one camper van holiday, you kind of become addicted to travelling that way. If you've never done a camper van holiday then without a shadow of a doubt, Scotland is the perfect place to start and what better way to do it than with a VW camper van from Kelpie Campers!


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