Three reasons kids just love camper van holidays

Parents will always go the extra mile to make sure their children have a wonderful childhood. This is exactly why mums and dads always put emphasis on having a fabulous family holiday. The question is: what’s the best holiday that you could arrange for your sons and daughters? Well, it just so happens that kids will simply love holidaying in a VW camper van. Let’s look at three reasons it’s the vacation option that your kids will just adore.


A VW camper van provides a sense of adventure that you just can’t get on other trips. You can plan your journey meticulously to make sure you hit all the hot spots during your getaway, but the best part is that you just never know what sights you’ll see along the way. Every corner has the potential to introduce something new and exciting – and kids just can’t get enough of this element!


Your kids won’t feel restricted when they are holidaying in a VW camper van. Unlike when they’re confined to a tent or hotel room, they’ll feel like there isn’t anything shackling them to a particular place or activity when they’re journeying around in the backseat of the vehicle. Only camper vans provide this sense of freedom, meaning that – just like their parents – the kids can act on impulse rather than rules.


A VW camper van holiday is so different from anything that your kids get to do at home. Just think about what it will be like when everyone snuggles up together at night for one big sleepover? It’s far from anything your kids will get to do at home and because of that it can feel truly special. This is the type of thing that will have your youngsters chomping at the bit to get home and tell their friends.

Make it happen!

If you’re a parent then there’s nothing to stand in the way of organising a fun-filled VW camper van holiday that your kids will adore! Kelpie Campers lead the way when it comes to the best VW camper van hire Scotland has to offer, so get in touch to secure one for your next holiday.


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