Three reasons to ditch your tent and stay in a VW camper van

There’s no better feeling than escaping the city and experiencing the great outdoors. The only problem you might face is the dreaded tent. Don’t worry, you won’t have to grin and bear this makeshift home anymore now that it’s become easier than ever before to rent a VW camper van. Let’s look at three reasons you won’t regret ditching your tent once you’ve hired one for your next adventure.


Unfortunately, there’s sometimes no escaping the wet weather – even in the summer! Thankfully a spot of rain and a few gales needn’t put a damper on your trip. Instead of shivering and trying to stay dry in a tent, you’ll have full protection from the elements as you enjoy the shelter of your VW camper van. Your little sanctuary won’t just keep you comfortable but will also guarantee the weather doesn’t put you in a negative mood.


Experts recommend that we get between seven to nine hours of sleep each night to function properly. It goes without saying that this can be hard to achieve if you pitch your tent in the wrong place. Aside from nearby noises, it’s also likely that the ground might be rough. A lack of sleep can, of course, hinder your ability to focus and enjoy the sights on your trip. Why risk this when you can sleep comfortably in a VW camper van?


Your adventure should be all about freedom! You should be able to come and go as you please, taking in the scenery and the local culture from spot to spot. Unfortunately, a tent doesn’t offer the same sort of freedom – at least not with any ease. The prospect of packing up your tent every time you want to move on can be very off-putting since it can take a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, your VW camper van takes the hard work out of moving from A to B.

Yours is waiting!

There are countless reasons to hire a VW camper van for your next holiday – not just that it trumps staying in a tent! Kelpie Campers offer the best VW camper van hire Scotland has to offer, so get in touch to secure yours.


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