Unique things to do in Scotland while travelling in a VW camper van

Scotland is well-known for its mysterious highlands, historic castles and whiskey distilleries, yet there is so much more to be discovered that's off the beaten track. Journey around Scotland in a beautiful VW camper van while exploring some of Scotland's more unique locations. Mary King's Close When 'The Black Death' arrived in Scotland, the tight quarters of Mary King's Close was a devastating place to be, yet George Rae, a plague doctor, managed to save lives by cauterizing the sores. During the 19th century, Mary King's Close was emptied and sealed up, with the Royal Exchange being built on top of it. Today, it's a popular tourist site with guided tours which normally attracts those interested in macabre history and ghost stories. With parking nearby for your camper van, this is a must-visit for when you're in Edinburgh. Buchanan Castle Drive your camper van to this ruined castle that was once a Stately country house, home to a family of dukes. The royals resided in the house until 1925 when it was turned into a hotel complete with a golf course. Once the second world war began, the estate was turned into a war hospital, most famously tending to Rudolph Hess. After the war, Buchanan Castle was briefly used as a school before it was partially demolished and left to be overgrown with nature. It's truly a mysterious place to be, perfect for taking ethereal photographs. Peden's Cave It's said that Peden's Cave formally hid Alexander Peden, a well-known Covenanter minister from the 17th century. To avoid being captured, he would often hide in a cave - named Peden's Cave after him, and you can see a human cut bench that he carved out of stone. To reach the cave, you can park your camper van at the Failford Inn and pursue signs that lead to the nearby river. Kelpie Campers is the perfect place to go to for VW camper van hire Scotland. They have a wide range of camper vans available to suit every style, so contact them today or visit their website for advice and camper van information.


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