Viewing Scottish nature and travelling in a VW camper van

This magnificent country offers some spectacular mountain ranges and stunning isles where camper vans are an exceptional alternative to a hotel as you can get up close and personal to the Scottish countryside. Here are some destinations to visit in your Kelpie camper van to appreciate nature at its finest.

The North Coast 500

There's nothing like an open road and experiencing the exceptional sights that Scottish nature has to offer, especially when driving in a VW camper van. The North Coast 500 is Scotland's longest journey with it being over 500 miles long, meaning there's plenty to see such as beautiful beaches, hidden caves and plenty of wildlife.

Ben Nevis

Appropriately named "The Ben", Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain within the British Isles located near Fort William. A VW camper van is the perfect base for walking or climbing up the mountain, with its three peaks that are the tallest within the UK.


As the majority of the routes are accessible from the main road, it is the perfect destination to bring your VW camper van too. Hillwalking and mountaineering are popular here and it gets even better when you know you have a warm camper van waiting for you when you return.

The Northern Lights

Nature puts on a great show up in the Scottish sky with its natural light display, which is known in Shetland and Orkney as "Merry Dancers". The magical phenomenon is viewable in nearly every part of Scotland so you can park up your VW camper van and watch the Northern Lights surrounded by unforgettable countryside and an amazing vehicle.

Corryvrekhan whirlpool

This spectacular bubbling cauldron of water lies between the Isles of Jura and Scarba. Journeying in your VW camper van to get to the specialised boat tours will give you comfort and provide you with views of stunning scenery.

Who knew nature could produce so many amazing Scottish destinations, with the added pleasure that you can visit them in your own VW camper van. For an unbeatable holiday experience choose VW camper van hire Scotland today with Kelpie Campers.


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