VW Camper Van refurbishment considerations

Nothing beats the freedom and independence you can achieve when there's a VW camper van parked in your garage or on your front drive. Any time the weather looks promising, it's an easy matter to pack up your van and hit the open roads. What's more, if you get stuck in traffic en route, or fancy a quick cuppa, pulling over to the side to make a quick brew is as easy as pie!

About buying and refurbing VW camper vans.

1. VW camper vans have had a loyal following for decades. They are a practical camping solution for singles, couples and families seeking an outdoor camping lifestyle. However, one issue facing anybody looking to carry more than two passengers in a VW campe van is to ensure the van has seats and legal seatbelts fitted, as passengers cannot travel in the back of a camper van that is not fitted with appropriate seating.

2. One reason the VW camper van has remained at the top of the popularity listings is due to the reliability of the brand. However, we highlight just how much work could be required on older vehicles. If you're not prepared to fit a new engine in your VW camper van, you're well-advised to get a professional VW camper van restorer to check over your proposed purchase prior to making any firm buying decisions.

3. Split window VW camper vans date back to 1967 and before, and you can expect to pay from £9,000 to £25,000 for an unrestored and original vehicle with a valid MOT. If you opt for the VW Bay instead, sold from 1967 onwards, prices range from £5,000 to £15,000 for original, unrestored vehicles in possession of an MOT.

Another important point to think about prior to making any decisions to buy and restore your own VW camper van is whether you're suited to the camping lifestyle. Our VW camper van hire in Scotland offers you every opportunity to experience all the spectacular sights of the Highlands and attractions of Scotland. Why not give us a call to find out more and discover ways to make your dream VW camper van lifestyle a reality and see for yourself?

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